Product Photography for T-Mex Express

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Photographing shiny objects always poses a challenge and nuts and bolts are no exception to that rule. T-Mex Express have recently launched a new web-site for on-line purchase of their  pneumatics, pipe fittings, fixings, irrigation and mechanical engineering fixings, fittings, clamps, clips, and tubing to name but a few.

With the exception of the “PVC” and “pump” images all of the front page image were taken by us along with the majority of the indivivdual ones within each section. is a good example.

Here at GPDS we are happy to photograph virtually anything from tiny objects using our 100mm macro lens and focus stacking expertise, through to much larger objects using a range of lenses and filters.

Please give us a call on 07711 550771 if you think we might be able to help you too…..