Photography – Restoration

Photographic Restoration

Restoration is the act or process of returning something to its earlier good condition or position. Photographically, with so much modern technology around now, it is possible to achieve amazing results when restoring old images. Perhaps time to do some digging around in the attic and retrieve a few old family favourite images to restore and ensure they are kept for future generations to enjoy.



Although not technically classed as restoration,our skills also extend to moving, removing or adding objects to images. In the example below I was supplied with an extremely low resolution, very poor quality and out of focus image. The client wanted the people and the car removed,then blown up to be turned into an A3 sized print. The problem with resizing up very small images is that they will appear very pixellated when large and this was indeed true of this image. The only way of making it look reasonable therefore was to apply an artistic filter and take away the “photographic reality” of the image. In this case I chose a painterly effect and the overall result was a very pleasing image. The client was delighted and the resulting picture was framed and given as a present to the owners of the French bungalow.

Sadly all too many of us have a selection of once beautiful old photographs or slides that have either deteriorated with age and discoloured, have been water damaged or been subject to nasty scratches and dirt blobs over time! Despair no more. We can either photograph or scan your slides or film and use our modern software to bring back colour tones, eliminate scratches and blemishes and almost make them look like new again. The extent of the damage does naturally affect the final outcome but most pictures can be significantly enhanced.

Please give us a call to enquire about this service and check out some examples.