Photography is our passion. Give us a project and we will aim to deliver a professional photograph in our normal friendly fashion, finished to the highest of standards whether it be classic or contemporary, macro or wide angle, colour or monochrome, detailed or softly focused. We look forward to photographic challenges and are happy to discuss any project without obligation. Please feel free to call us and chat through your requirements.


Whether it be architecture, interiors, trade shows, events, balls we are happy to cover virtually anything. Ok, so there might be a very few exceptions! Never underestimate the power of a picture. A high quality image will show off your brand identity, product, event or occasion in a way that will impress the viewer far better than quality text accompanied by a poor image. Naturally the best option is to have both, but we can certainly help provide you with quality photographic work whether it be for an images for your brochure, promo literature or web-site . See further examples of some commercial work or read more here.

 photography-productsProduct Photography

From heavy machinery to plastic bottles, or Hi-Fi equipment to silks scarves and bed linen, we have the equipment to ensure your products are lit, photographed and fully processed to capture their texture, colour and style, whether it be crisp and clear or soft and fluffy! See further examples of our product photography work.





My passion and real love after having taken “the shot” in camera, is the creation of a piece of art that may or may not end up resembling the original image at all. With so many pieces of editing software around, numerous filters in Photoshop, along with added extras such as specialist plug-ins and numerous brushes etc. on the market, one’s creative boundaries are almost limitless. Once addicted to image enhancement (like us) you just won’t be able to stop. See further examples of our creative work



Creating montages is a skill and involves a variety of techniques which can either “make or break” your final composition. We have the expertise to produce a variety of montages whether it be for commercial use, such as the blending of a car against a different background, or perhaps to create an artistic image for a personal project or show piece. Whatever your needs please see our montage page for further details.

 This image is a composite of three separate images merged together; the rear house, the dog and the spring flowers in the foreground.



We have both the technical abilities and equipment to photograph old images, then enhance them using Adobe’s Photoshop image editing software. Read more about photographic restoration.