Commercial photography is a very different ball game to producing fine art images where one follows your own passion to create an image. Commercial work incorporates liaising closely with the client and understanding their needs; interpreting their words into pictures which can in turn be passed onto the consumer. “A picture paints a thousand words” is a much commonly used phrase and is so often said as a matter of routine we almost take it for granted, but it is simply so true.  An owner of a country house hotel quoted the following to me  ” You know when I post an image of an animal in my facebook posts I get a million times more viewers than I do when I simply write down a few words”!  Just imagine how that can be turned into something so beneficial when you have a few high quality images on your web-site.

Commercial – Broad genres

Talliston House log cabin interior

Whether it be architecture, interiors, trade shows, events, balls we are happy to cover virtually anything. Ok so there might be a very few exceptions! Never underestimate the power of a picture. A high quality image will show off your brand identity, product, event or occasion in a way that will impress the viewer far better than quality text accompanied by a poor image. Naturally the best option is to have both, but we can certainly help provide you with quality photographic work whether it be for an images for your brochure, promo literature or web-site . See further examples of some commercial work.


Commercial – Product imagery

photography-productsFrom heavy machinery to plastic bottles, or Hi-Fi equipment to silks scarves and bed linen, we have the equipment to ensure your products are lit, photographed and fully processed to capture their texture, colour and style, whether it be crisp and clear or soft and fluffy! See further examples of our product photography work.