Making the most of moody skies

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Last week when I was in Aberystwyth with hubby Gordon and daughter (who was Uni visiting) I had a 1½ window to do some photography one morning. Not perhaps the best time between 10.30 am and noon but better on a Winters day than mid-summer that’s for sure. As luck would have it however, the weather was very changeable with a mix of dark moody skies and bright sunny intervals; all I needed was a great foreground!

Initially I ventured out to the harbour end of Aber and walked along the pier. Being so cold and windy there were few people mad enough to be out walking so the place was pretty much deserted. After taking a selection of shots here the next stop was on the far side of the harbour, then we drove down a small road leading to a dead end when suddenly the sun came out and as we were turning around to drive back to “home base” I suddenly spotted an old shack with a bath in front of it. Perfect. A great back-drop, great lighting and a moody sky – what more could one ask for!

Herewith 3 of the images, the latter two being the same image with different processing.


PGMO 0062_Peace on the pier_IMG_9862 POPI 0077  A lonely walk flat POCR 232B No longer in use colour PGMO 0063 Not in use