Kicking off to a good start

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I’m not just a professional photographer shooting commercial images but a super keen hobbyist too. In fact I think you will probably find that the majority of people in our profession have a passion for their work. It sort of goes with the territory. For my sins I am a member at both Ashford and Folkestone camera clubs and in the 1st Division for everything in each club but I’ve worked hard to get there and now feel that I can enter images that I really enjoy and perhaps not simply enter images that I feel will please the judges.

So preparing and the selecting of images for up and coming local, National and International exhibitions will be featuring regularly in my calendar of “things to do”!

Anyway I was delighted to have gained 1st place at Folkestone camera club in the 1st Open PDI competition with this image on Monday night. It was shot on board our ship when we were sailing from the UK to Iceland and Norway. When the majority of people were lazing in the lounges, eating in the numerous vast restaurants, playing golf and running around deck to keep fit I was in variably walking around with camera in hand looking at the amazing architecture and artistic creations that were scattered all over the vessel. That’s not to say I didn’t eat and enjoy the cuisine on board I certainly did, but the bars always seemed to be overflowing with people drinking their hearts out and I really couldn’t see the point. The casino was also another interesting place to take photos and having checked they were happy for me to shoot in there then I started snapping away there too.

Running Up
Running Up

This shot was simply on one of the main staircases in the middle of the ship where people were constantly walking up and down but catching the feet in the right place with the perfect shutter speed still needed careful consideration and trying out a few different variables before I felt this shot had captured the essence of what I was actually looking for. It has also gained me a couple of places in International exhibitions too

I really must revisit my images from the trip as there were so many opportunities on board and that was without all the wonderful scenery when we reached our docking destinations.