Cars, cars, cars. So many makes, models, colours, angles, shapes and so the list goes on. Photographic opportunities galore but not as easy as it looks. Why? Well the easiest answer is that most cars have highly reflective surfaces which is great in many aspects but also gives the photographer a number of additional challenges to ensure that “unwanted” reflections are not present. Having said that rules are often there to be broken and reflections can also add to an image giving it a creative flare. So, Ok I’ve just contradicted myself, BUT the answer lies in what sort of image the client is after. Is the image for a magazine article, a brochure or to be used as a piece of fine art on a wall somewhere? Take your pick and I will sort the rest!

I am happy to accompany you with your car shooting in various locations of your choice. What ever your desire please feel free to call me to discuss options.