Front page image on Photographers Direct

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Extremely pleased to have one of my portraits displayed on the front page of the Photographers Direct Web-site today…..

If you are after a stock photo then this is a great place to look. Professional images from professional photographers. ┬áThe thing I like about this Company is they rate your images on quality. The higher your image rating the more space they give you free of charge. The lower your rating and you use up all your space. …. + the higher the rating the more likely it is your image will be on the front page for your chosen category so that image buyers are more likely to find one of your images……all in all this means the quality of images you get on their site are considerably better on average than many of the other stock image sites.

I’m pleased to say that the majority of my images have been rated very highly and my space is growing rather than decreasing.

If you need a stock image then this Company is a great place to start….that is after you have checked out my images first !!!

Happy hunting….