Byte order in Photoshop CS6

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Since getting CS6 one of the things that puzzled me when saving Tiff files was the default setting itself to the Macintosh instead of IBM PC for the byte order. I have a PC so naturally assumed that I should be using the IBM PS setting and wondered how to go about setting this as the default value. Problem being you can’t seem to!
Seemingly however, (after reading the article linked below for those of you interested in the technical details) it just isn’t important these days.

Whether or not you have a PC or a MAC you can save it as one or the other and will both be fine. Why Adobe can’t set it to the IBM PC setting as default as the majority of users have PC’s I have no idea but that’s life I guess.

The summary from the article is that Adobe are keeping the option there simply for backward compatibility.  If you happen to be using old software made for one platform to read a file saved in the byte order that originated on the other platform then you might just need it, but otherwise you are unlikely to suffer any problems.

This is the link for those that want to know more….

Another question resolved!