Elvey Farm Photography

In early September Doug Harman and myself went along to Elvey farm to shoot a selection of images in order for us to use them as a potential partner in our new Capture and Create brand. Watch this space I will tell you more shortly!

Elvey Farm dates from 1496 and includes a collection of stables and outbuildings dating from the 16th to 18th centuries, since converted into a very beautiful and romantic hotel and restaurant.

Herewith a selection of the images shot to give you a taste for this wonderful location in the idyllic rural heart of the Kentish countryside, near the well known village of Pluckley.

_1060300-Edit.jpg_1060041.jpg_1060030.jpg_1060035.jpg_1060037.jpg_1060043.jpg_1060300.jpgStables landscape_1060046-Edit.jpg_1060298.jpg_1060272-Edit.jpg_1060194.jpg_1060287.jpgCR1 Oast charcoal mono_1060287.jpg_1060048.jpg_1060055.jpg_1060236.jpg_1060250.jpg_1060249.jpg_1060240.jpg_1060269-Edit.jpg_1060128.jpg_1060157.jpg_1060187.jpg_1060145.jpg_1060168.jpg_1060173.jpg_1060175.jpgBarn downstairs 2-Edit.jpgBarn downstairs 1.jpgBarn downstairs 1B.jpgBarn Bedroom 1.jpg_1060085.jpg_1060139-Edit.jpgBarb Bathroom detail.jpg_1060093.jpg_1060101.jpg_1060140-Edit-Edit.jpg_1060072.jpg_1060243.jpg_1060152-Edit.jpgBarn bathroom sinks.jpgBarn bathroom upstairs.jpgStable cottage bathroom.jpg_1060251.jpg

The villages official status as the most haunted village in Britain has drawn many TV and radio series there, in particular for it’s filming between 1991 and 1993 of the famous “Darling Buds of May” TV series starring Catherine Zeta Jones and David Jason. An episode of the Syfy television series Ghost Hunters International, titled Haunted Village, featuring The Black Horse Inn, Elvey Farm, and The Screaming Woods, was also broadcast on 30 January 2008.

The Domesday Book also has references to Pluckley in it, at which time it was a more significant settlement than the now much larger and commercial town of Ashford.

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Kicking off to a good start

I’m not just a professional photographer shooting commercial images but a super keen hobbyist too. In fact I think you will probably find that the majority of people in our profession have a passion for their work. It sort of goes with the territory. For my sins I am a member at both Ashford and Folkestone camera clubs and in the 1st Division for everything in each club but I’ve worked hard to get there and now feel that I can enter images that I really enjoy and perhaps not simply enter images that I feel will please the judges.

So preparing and the selecting of images for up and coming local, National and International exhibitions will be featuring regularly in my calendar of “things to do”!

Anyway I was delighted to have gained 1st place at Folkestone camera club in the 1st Open PDI competition with this image on Monday night. It was shot on board our ship when we were sailing from the UK to Iceland and Norway. When the majority of people were lazing in the lounges, eating in the numerous vast restaurants, playing golf and running around deck to keep fit I was in variably walking around with camera in hand looking at the amazing architecture and artistic creations that were scattered all over the vessel. That’s not to say I didn’t eat and enjoy the cuisine on board I certainly did, but the bars always seemed to be overflowing with people drinking their hearts out and I really couldn’t see the point. The casino was also another interesting place to take photos and having checked they were happy for me to shoot in there then I started snapping away there too.

Running Up

Running Up

This shot was simply on one of the main staircases in the middle of the ship where people were constantly walking up and down but catching the feet in the right place with the perfect shutter speed still needed careful consideration and trying out a few different variables before I felt this shot had captured the essence of what I was actually looking for. It has also gained me a couple of places in International exhibitions too

I really must revisit my images from the trip as there were so many opportunities on board and that was without all the wonderful scenery when we reached our docking destinations.

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New web-site in preparation

Everyone enjoys a challenge don’t they?

Well mine is currently learning how to use WordPress and the photocrati based theme that I installed onto it in order to produce a new web-site that it clearer, simpler, more modern, responsive (i.e. it will automatically re-size down to fit tablets and phones) and has galleries of some of my favourite images displayed for everyone to view whether or not it be purely for pleasure or (more importantly for me) for potential clients to view the quality and style of my work.

I am needless to say requiring some help and support from my goods friend Steve Harris of Grey Hare Solutions and hopefully within the next few weeks my site should be fully functioning and thereafter just in need of updating.

If anyone would like to give me any pointers as to what they might like to see on my new site please do let me know. After all I am only trying to guess what you, the reader would like to see and hope I get it right.



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Photography – Restoration

Photographic Restoration

Restoration is the act or process of returning something to its earlier good condition or position. Photographically, with so much modern technology around now, it is possible to achieve amazing results when restoring old images. Perhaps time to do some digging around in the attic and retrieve a few old family favourite images to restore and ensure they are kept for future generations to enjoy.



Although not technically classed as restoration,our skills also extend to moving, removing or adding objects to images. In the example below I was supplied with an extremely low resolution, very poor quality and out of focus image. The client wanted the people and the car removed,then blown up to be turned into an A3 sized print. The problem with resizing up very small images is that they will appear very pixellated when large and this was indeed true of this image. The only way of making it look reasonable therefore was to apply an artistic filter and take away the “photographic reality” of the image. In this case I chose a painterly effect and the overall result was a very pleasing image. The client was delighted and the resulting picture was framed and given as a present to the owners of the French bungalow.

Sadly all too many of us have a selection of once beautiful old photographs or slides that have either deteriorated with age and discoloured, have been water damaged or been subject to nasty scratches and dirt blobs over time! Despair no more. We can either photograph or scan your slides or film and use our modern software to bring back colour tones, eliminate scratches and blemishes and almost make them look like new again. The extent of the damage does naturally affect the final outcome but most pictures can be significantly enhanced.

Please give us a call to enquire about this service and check out some examples.

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My style

When I first joined Ashford Photographic Society in 2006 I was amazed that some of the longer standing members were commenting on other people work and saying “Oh yes it’s definitely a “Fred Blogs typical style – you can tell it a mile off”!!!  At the time I was bemused and was convinced that I would never develop a “style” myself as such, but seemingly my work is now very recognizable too and I often get the comment “Oh that is such a Sue style image” or “That has you written all over it”!!! . Strangely enough though I can’t see it in my own work, yet I can now happily see it with others. (That still puzzles me)

Take a look at some of these images and do let me know what you think!

A painterly version of a fruit tower.

A painterly version of a fruit tower.

using textures

using textures

Using layers and blending modes

Using layers and blending modes

Pencil techniques from a photograph

Pencil techniques from a photograph

Zombie shooting at Folkestone

Zombie shooting at Folkestone

A beautiful castle not to be missed

A beautiful castle not to be missed

In the heart of Kent one early Autumn morning.

In the heart of Kent one early Autumn morning.

Fractilus creation

Fractilus creation

Out from the mist

Out from the mist

A rare glimpse of a hoar frost in Kent

A rare glimpse of a hoar frost in Kent

Aberystwyth aftermath

Aberystwyth aftermath

Transforming a photograph into  a painterly style image

Transforming a photograph into a painterly style image

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Welcome to Sue Chapman Photography.

Sue Chapman Photography Logo

Sue Chapman Photography Logo

Many years ago when I first started out with my photographic business I checked out all the domain names that I fancied having but, sadly, every form of Sue Chapman photography was not available. However this recently changed and I decided to take the plunge and rename my business, rebranding it in the process and giving it a fresh, clean new look under the name of sue-chapman-photography.com (along with the .co.uk and the same without dashes) so I think I am now pretty well covered.

The web-site is in the process of being constructed in a new user friendly PC / tablet / phone form, so along with a busy schedule of photographic work commitments, re-branding and working on a new venture with Warnborough College work hours have often been extending well into the early hours.

I shall look forward to giving you all regular updates and if you have any questions or queries in the mean time feel free to check out my still current web-site at www.galileosolutions.co.uk



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World cup and teamtagz

It’s football mania time and something new for trainer enthusiasts worldwide. My client was keen to display the new teamtagz metal badges on different coloured trainers so with a little collaboration we agreed on just shooting the one coloured trainer, then I re-coloured in photoshop to contrast with each of the different badges. The overall effect produces a good consistent, smart look to the brand and yet again I had another delighted client.

Should anyone wish to purchase these great little badges then check them out at Amazon right here.

[slideshow id=3]

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Chocolate Photography

As product photography goes I will happily shoot anything from nuts and bolts to silk scarves, hair salon products and more, but when it comes to adding the joy of smelling and tasting some of the delights of your product shoot what can one say when it comes to photographing chocolate! “Bliss” perhaps?

Naturally there are the standard every day products but then there is Easter, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and other seasonal specials and “one offs”, new packaging etc. etc.

Here are just a few of the shots that I have had the pleasure of shooting in the last year:-


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Image Composite Editor from Microsoft

Always game to try out other programs and plugs-ins from alternative sources to Adobe I recently discovered this from good old Microsoft!  Whilst Adobe’s stitching is very good indeed the speed at which this program stitches images together is something else and the quality of the final images is right up there as well.

Do try it out and let me know what you think….I await comments in anticipation!



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Elements 11 on special offer

Elements 11 is currently on special offer at Amazon
Only £32.99 for anyone interested in this amazing bargain and keen to start out on the Photoshop trail!

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Gideon Onofeghara music concert shoot

Gideon  Onofeghara celebrated another new CD release this week with “Grace is Here”. I was requested to take a selection of images of the event as a memory of the evening.

Although reluctant to use flash photography for this type of event Gideon had no problems allowing me to use some additional lighting, so a large number of the stage shots were shot using two Bowen lights, one either side of the stage. This allowed me to use a smaller aperture to capture a variety of shots, moving to a large aperture for the non-flash work. My 50mm prime lens was a joy to use for some of these shots although I confess an 85mm is going on the shopping list shortly.

Here is a small selection of the event showing Gideon, his singers and some of the audience enjoying the concert.

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Product Photography for T-Mex Express

Photographing shiny objects always poses a challenge and nuts and bolts are no exception to that rule. T-Mex Express have recently launched a new web-site for on-line purchase of their  pneumatics, pipe fittings, fixings, irrigation and mechanical engineering fixings, fittings, clamps, clips, and tubing to name but a few.

With the exception of the “PVC” and “pump” images all of the front page image were taken by us along with the majority of the indivivdual ones within each section. http://www.t-mex.co.uk/clips-clamps.html is a good example.

Here at GPDS we are happy to photograph virtually anything from tiny objects using our 100mm macro lens and focus stacking expertise, through to much larger objects using a range of lenses and filters.

Please give us a call on 07711 550771 if you think we might be able to help you too…..



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Artisan du chocolat photographs

Delighted to be working with Artisan du chocolat – check out the front page of their web-site to see my images and their amazing chocolates!



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Front page image on Photographers Direct

Extremely pleased to have one of my portraits displayed on the front page of the Photographers Direct Web-site today…..


If you are after a stock photo then this is a great place to look. Professional images from professional photographers.  The thing I like about this Company is they rate your images on quality. The higher your image rating the more space they give you free of charge. The lower your rating and you use up all your space. …. + the higher the rating the more likely it is your image will be on the front page for your chosen category so that image buyers are more likely to find one of your images……all in all this means the quality of images you get on their site are considerably better on average than many of the other stock image sites.

I’m pleased to say that the majority of my images have been rated very highly and my space is growing rather than decreasing.

If you need a stock image then this Company is a great place to start….that is after you have checked out my images first !!!

Happy hunting….


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Ashford Arts and Technology Festival details

Looking forward to attending the Ashford Arts and Technology Festival in September along with Ashford Photographic Society – Pop the date in your diary now – it will be an annual event and one not to be missed – see the following link if you are keen to find out more – http://www.ashfordfestival.org/showcase-your-craft and http://festivalmarket.eventbrite.com to book your table.

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Keeping up to date with my activities on Facebook

If you are a fan of facebook why not check out my page here www.facebook.com/GalileoSolutions. It will feature some of my recent work and I’m hoping to add some more tips and techniques soon….

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Making the most of moody skies

Last week when I was in Aberystwyth with hubby Gordon and daughter (who was Uni visiting) I had a 1½ window to do some photography one morning. Not perhaps the best time between 10.30 am and noon but better on a Winters day than mid-summer that’s for sure. As luck would have it however, the weather was very changeable with a mix of dark moody skies and bright sunny intervals; all I needed was a great foreground!

Initially I ventured out to the harbour end of Aber and walked along the pier. Being so cold and windy there were few people mad enough to be out walking so the place was pretty much deserted. After taking a selection of shots here the next stop was on the far side of the harbour, then we drove down a small road leading to a dead end when suddenly the sun came out and as we were turning around to drive back to “home base” I suddenly spotted an old shack with a bath in front of it. Perfect. A great back-drop, great lighting and a moody sky – what more could one ask for!

Herewith 3 of the images, the latter two being the same image with different processing.


PGMO 0062_Peace on the pier_IMG_9862 POPI 0077  A lonely walk flat POCR 232B No longer in use colour PGMO 0063 Not in use


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Byte order in Photoshop CS6

Since getting CS6 one of the things that puzzled me when saving Tiff files was the default setting itself to the Macintosh instead of IBM PC for the byte order. I have a PC so naturally assumed that I should be using the IBM PS setting and wondered how to go about setting this as the default value. Problem being you can’t seem to!
Seemingly however, (after reading the article linked below for those of you interested in the technical details) it just isn’t important these days.

Whether or not you have a PC or a MAC you can save it as one or the other and will both be fine. Why Adobe can’t set it to the IBM PC setting as default as the majority of users have PC’s I have no idea but that’s life I guess.

The summary from the article is that Adobe are keeping the option there simply for backward compatibility.  If you happen to be using old software made for one platform to read a file saved in the byte order that originated on the other platform then you might just need it, but otherwise you are unlikely to suffer any problems.

This is the link for those that want to know more….


Another question resolved!

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Photographing chocolate today – a dream commission!

Starting work with a new Company today photographing some amazing chocolate – watch this space

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An easy way to move layers in Photoshop

If you’ve ever tried dragging layers up and down one place you know what it’s like – sometimes they don’t move at all and at other times they move up or down two layers instead of one!

Well here is a quick an easy way to move a single layer up or down one

1) Ensure you have the layer highlighted that you want to move

2) Hold down the Ctrl key and either press the [ key to move the layer down or ] to move it up

Easy and quick.


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