Elvey Farm Photography

In early September Doug Harman and myself went along to Elvey farm to shoot a selection of images in order for us to use them as a potential partner in our new Capture and Create […]

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Kicking off to a good start

I’m not just a professional photographer shooting commercial images but a super keen hobbyist too. In fact I think you will probably find that the majority of people in our profession have a passion for […]

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New web-site in preparation

Everyone enjoys a challenge don’t they? Well mine is currently learning how to use WordPress and the photocrati based theme that I installed onto it in order to produce a new web-site that it clearer, […]

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Photography – Restoration

Photographic Restoration Restoration is the act or process of returning something to its earlier good condition or position. Photographically, with so much modern technology around now, it is possible to achieve amazing results when restoring […]

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My style

When I first joined Ashford Photographic Society in 2006 I was amazed that some of the longer standing members were commenting on other people work and saying “Oh yes it’s definitely a “Fred Blogs typical […]

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Welcome to Sue Chapman Photography.

Many years ago when I first started out with my photographic business I checked out all the domain names that I fancied having but, sadly, every form of Sue Chapman photography was not available. However […]

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World cup and teamtagz

It’s football mania time and something new for trainer enthusiasts worldwide. My client was keen to display the new teamtagz metal badges on different coloured trainers so with a little collaboration we agreed on just […]

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Chocolate Photography

As product photography goes I will happily shoot anything from nuts and bolts to silk scarves, hair salon products and more, but when it comes to adding the joy of smelling and tasting some of […]

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Image Composite Editor from Microsoft

Always game to try out other programs and plugs-ins from alternative sources to Adobe I recently discovered this from good old Microsoft!  Whilst Adobe’s stitching is very good indeed the speed at which this program […]

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Elements 11 on special offer

Elements 11 is currently on special offer at Amazon Only £32.99 for anyone interested in this amazing bargain and keen to start out on the Photoshop trail!

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Gideon Onofeghara music concert shoot

Gideon  Onofeghara celebrated another new CD release this week with “Grace is Here”. I was requested to take a selection of images of the event as a memory of the evening. Although reluctant to use […]

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Product Photography for T-Mex Express

Photographing shiny objects always poses a challenge and nuts and bolts are no exception to that rule. T-Mex Express have recently launched a new web-site for on-line purchase of their  pneumatics, pipe fittings, fixings, irrigation and […]

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Artisan du chocolat photographs

Delighted to be working with Artisan du chocolat – check out the front page of their web-site to see my images and their amazing chocolates! http://artisanduchocolat.com/  

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Front page image on Photographers Direct

Extremely pleased to have one of my portraits displayed on the front page of the Photographers Direct Web-site today….. http://www.photographersdirect.com/ If you are after a stock photo then this is a great place to look. […]

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Ashford Arts and Technology Festival details

Looking forward to attending the Ashford Arts and Technology Festival in September along with Ashford Photographic Society – Pop the date in your diary now – it will be an annual event and one not […]

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Keeping up to date with my activities on Facebook

If you are a fan of facebook why not check out my page here www.facebook.com/GalileoSolutions. It will feature some of my recent work and I’m hoping to add some more tips and techniques soon….

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Making the most of moody skies

Last week when I was in Aberystwyth with hubby Gordon and daughter (who was Uni visiting) I had a 1½ window to do some photography one morning. Not perhaps the best time between 10.30 am […]

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Byte order in Photoshop CS6

Since getting CS6 one of the things that puzzled me when saving Tiff files was the default setting itself to the Macintosh instead of IBM PC for the byte order. I have a PC so […]

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Photographing chocolate today – a dream commission!

Starting work with a new Company today photographing some amazing chocolate – watch this space

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An easy way to move layers in Photoshop

If you’ve ever tried dragging layers up and down one place you know what it’s like – sometimes they don’t move at all and at other times they move up or down two layers instead […]

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